Texas Longhorn Beef

Texas Longhorn cattle provide us with some of the healthiest and leanest beef that can be found anywhere. Longhorn steers consistently produce beef which is 94-98% lean, depending on their diet. That means your average longhorn steak, burger, or roast is only going to be 2-6% fat, compare that to other beef. Our beef is all 100% grass-fed lean beef from the beautiful Wallowa Valley in Northeast Oregon. Our animals are extremely well cared for and their quality of life is exceptional. All of our beef comes in clear vacuum-sealed packaging from our USDA inspected processing facility, Stafford's Custom Meats in Elgin, Oregon. All packages are clearly marked with the cut type, exact weight, and safe handling instructions. Our goal is to provide a supreme product to our customers and to emphasize quality over quantity in choosing beef in today's market.

Longhorn beef is also an excellent choice for many people with certain health issues who still enjoy eating beef. The natural qualities of Longhorn beef allow many people to still enjoy beef without worrying about taking in as much fat as they would consume with standard commercial beef. It is important to remember that our 100% grass-fed Texas Longhorn beef is a premium, high-quality, and unique product. We only raise purebred, registered animals with sound genetic backgrounds and top-notch pedigrees. We believe that the best value for our customer is a thick, healthy, and well-bred steer from a protective, but caring mother and an elite Texas Longhorn bull who will give that animal it's natural muscle tone, lean traits, marbling, and overall beef quality.

Texas Longhorn beef has very high levels of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Omega-3 Fatty Acids!


We currently offer our beef for sale as wholes, halves, and larger packages. Individual cuts are also available as supplies last...contact us for current quantities, offerings, and details. We strongly recommend reserving your order, particularly if it is a fall order as soon as you can. Feel free to contact us for a current price quote because while we try to keep the website updated, prices do change from time to time based on several factors including fuel prices, ranch expenses, and many other factors. We do our best to give you a fair and realistic price. We pay the slaughter fee, and the cutting and wrapping are normally covered by the customer in your overall per pound price...there is no "extra" add-on charge, we already have it figure in for you on fractional sales. Our steers are processed between 20 and 28 months of age, an ideal time for ultimate marbling and great beef flavor! An average Rocking M Cattle Co. longhorn steer will have a hanging weight around 450-525 pounds, with the overall range usually being between 400 and 600 pounds. The weight varies depending on the age of the animal and the longhorn genetics it comes from. We can give you a pretty good ballpark number based on the animal's live weight prior to slaughter, which helps us to match you up with the right animal to get the amount of beef you are looking for and get you an amount that fits within your budget. Some modern longhorn genetics are thick, while some of the older lines run slightly smaller. Smaller steers often come from first-calf heifers and older cows and are important because they allow consumers more flexibility in their desired purchase amount and the resulting overall price. We will do EVERYTHING we possibly can to match you up with an animal that is what you are looking for in terms of hanging weight, age, and your budget.

We have an Oregon Meat Seller's License and are offering selected individual cuts, as well as variety packs...please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a smaller quantity of beef!